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The goal of the Halal Monk project is to revive the tradition of encounters and debates between monks, preachers and artists of different faiths. The Halal Monk, a Christian theologian, does so through conversations with influential spiritual leaders, academics and artists of the islamic world as well as through personal reflections on a series of Qur'an verses.

Ziauddin Sardar - Critical Muslims, transmodern tradition

A conversation on tradition, transmodernity and the art of criticism with a British-Pakistani polymath full of relentless intellectual energy.

Reward and punishment

Our soul is so intimately connected to God that none of our actions can get lost. Just like they leave a trace within history, they leave an imprint on our soul.

Amir Sulaiman – The Poetry of Creation

A conversation with an amazing def poetry artist on the importance of words, the poetry of creation and the sneaky Smeagol in all of us.

Dr. D. Latifa - Normative Islam

A thoroughly thought provoking conversation on mysticism, petro-islam and femininity in religion.

Muazzam Fateh Ali Khan – Sufis, extremists and Madonna

An conversation with a great Qawwali singer who continues the tradition of his uncle Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Tahir Hameed Tanoli – Reflections on Iqbal

The life and spirit of Alama Muhammad Iqbal.

Mithu and Gonga Saien – Drums, drugs and devotion

In the cool breeze of the night a smell of hashish invited me into the crowds that were gathered around some drummers.

Ahmad Rafique Akhtar - Researching God

One day, I found myself in a room on the roof of Dr. Akthar's house, surrounded by about ten of his students.

Abdida Parveen - Sufi Kalam

Abida Parveen is not only Pakistan's most accomplished female singer of devotional music, but she’s also one of the foremost exponents of Sufi music worldwide.


Besides egocentrism of both individuals and groups, which is the eternal pitfall of humankind, greed is by far the greatest problem of this day and age. 



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